We want to remind you of the great grace wherein we live as "Believers" in Christ.  Our daily obligations and desires can loom large and, over time, cloud the truth such that we forget the blessing of God on our lives.  Be encouraged as you take a moment to reflect on God's Word:  the real truth concerning you!
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Confessions -
Scripture Confessions

God has given us the authority, responsibility, and ability to chart our course in life.  With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, you can speak life-filled words that cause you to overcome, grow, achieve and succeed.  All it takes is a little time to embark on a new path towards good success.  To aid you in arriving at your God-given destination, we have provided Scripture-based confessions designed to facilitate absolute agreement with God. 


Media -

Throughout your day, you have various voices, sounds, beliefs, likes, and dislikes that invade your space and seek to form your opinions. Sadly, most are contrary to God's definition of faith. Here you'll find audio and video messages that will assist you with gaining insight into the very hope and heart of God, aligning your thoughts with His will, agreeing with Him and obeying by acting on His Word.  You will advance as you listen and apply your faith.

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Articles/ Word Study/ Notes

You have arrived at this point in life based on information you have gleaned from others, and in many instances,  as a result of what you have read.  Find answers to questions, learn interesting insights, or just enjoy an encouraging word as you read Bible-based articles prepared from the revelation received during hours of study and prayer.  As you read, you will encounter revelation that will help you develop unfailing confidence toward God.