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Presenting God in the correct light - as a loving Father -  while boldly proclaiming and demonstrating the power of God!

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Knowing the Father's Heart


Jesus came to reveal the Father's heart so that you may know the depth of His love & grace toward you!

Salvation Series: Your Benefits Package (Audio)


Part 1:  An All Inclusive Benefits Plan

Part 2:  The Blood Covenant:  Access

Part 3:  Covenant Rights Realized

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Hear, Sow & Do the Word

God has a specific plan for every individual. To live out that plan, a personal, intimate relationship is required to receive revelation. This requires planting the Word of God in your heart and acting on that Word by faith.  

The Hope (pt 1)

 Jesus fulfilled the righteous requirement of the Law.  He did so to bring us close to God, to provide us a sure, eternal consolation. This hope we have as an anchor for the soul.  Listen as Dale expounds.

The Hope (pt 2)

Dale continues sharing the great feat God achieved in an effort to provide us a blessed hope and eternal assurance.

Teaching from Dale & Sandra Hudson


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