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First Minister to Me, Then Help My People Overcome

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

We stood before the choir attempting to share with them the Word of the Lord that we, individually, had received. My friends and I wanted this particular choir to have a deeper revelation of the Word of God and a greater influence in the community where they conducted worship services. It was a challenging encounter since the information we were to share was not all joyful. Some was lovingly corrective.

While we were sharing from our hearts, someone—I do not recall who—shared with the choir that I had been anointed an “Evangelist”. Actually, I failed see the need to disclose that bit of information as I didn’t think the title mattered.

Then, the choir director started a healing line. I completely did not expect that. Why? Because I had not been taught all the things they do in church. When we finished sharing, I thought we would just mingle a little and everyone would go their separate ways. No, instead they all lined up for me to lay hands on them as it was expected of an evangelist.

Once I arrived back home in Atlanta, I was a bit puzzled concerning what God wanted me to do. The leaders at the church I attended actually had been grooming me for the role of an evangelist. I later learned that was because there were but a very few positions/titles a woman could hold, so it was either that or a missionary.

Anyway, I began to question God because something just did not feel comfortable. Daily I lay on my floor before the Lord while I worshiped and praised Him. Then I prayed in the Spirit and with my understanding, while interceding for others. I asked the Lord why He had taken or gotten hold of me. I wanted to know for what reason He wanted me. It was one of the best times and most rewarding experiences I had ever had. Nothing else mattered. As I experienced His love, I fell in love with the Lord even more.

After a number of days, the Lord spoke within me and said, “First minister to Me, then help My people overcome!" (Isaiah 56:6-8; Acts 13:2) So simple, but yet profound and life altering.

I was to cultivate my relationship with Him, then help people grow up in Him and overcome life’s challenges. God never mentioned a title. That was over 27 years ago. Thankfully, even today, I have not moved away from that mandate. In fact, recently someone asked me how I became involved in ministry and, as I proceeded to share the same story, the Lord caused me to realize that I had left out the most important part. I shared that, by the Holy Spirit, I was informed that I was to help God's people overcome. He promptly reiterated the most portion of that mandate: First minister to Me!

Once Dale and I were married, as we studied the Word of God and prayed together, we realized the call on our lives was and is the same. Though God has expanded it a bit to include helping people have true confidence in Him, the core of the call is to first minister to the Lord (get to know Him) and then help others overcome. Inherent in that is the requirement that we, ourselves, overcome. (I John 4:4) We are to learn and grow in the Word of God to first live it and then share it with others. Our motto is “we get it to live it.”

Now, if you have a call or cry of God in your heart, allow me to encourage you to prioritize. Remember your first love (how much He cherishes and deeply cares for you). Then, put Him first place in your life; give Him quality time to share His heart, will, hope, and desires for you. There is a reason Jesus said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner." (John 5:19) It was precisely because He allotted quality time for communing, intimately fellowshipping with God. He listened, took to heart and acted on everything His Father showed Him and said. Jesus allowed Himself to be refreshed and instructed daily before He ministered to the masses. And as His disciples, sons/daughters and heirs of God, we should do no less. Be Blessed! Shalom!

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